Down time (solved)

Eeyup. The server is down again and the problem is once again on the host's side.

Isn't it just ironic how many tims this has happened?

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Downtime 26 september 2012

Update 1 (23:12): I just returned home and noticed that the server was up and running. I restarted it a few minutes ago and now the bots are up too.

Down time (solved)

We're currently experiencing some down time due to unknown problems with the host. I'll post more information once it's available. Click the more button to see the full article.

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About ban appeals

Due to the large lack of common sense here and the increasing popularity of this server, everyone who asks for an unban by e-mail, IRC (PM), comment boxes or any place else than the forum won't only be ignored, but their chances to be unbanned will reduce. It doesn't matter for what reason you were banned or whether the ban was fair, we won't waste our time on those people who fail to follow the ban appeal rules.

It's just stupid how people spam everywhere and actually expect to get unbanned.


Appeal at the forums, and nowhere else!!

Website update

At Jur's suggestion I finally decided to update my website to make it look modern and more professional. There's a new template, new logos and images and a new animated slideshow (real pictures will be added soon). I also added a nice embedded IFrame to the IRC page, remade all of the old articles and restored their original post date and fixed all the letter capitalisations together with Jur.

I personally think this is the perfect way to celebrate version 5.6 that is coming out soon!

Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment.

45 server slots filled!

After a few months it finally appears that Y-FS is starting to become more popular. The server had all of its 45 player slots filled for the first time during my ownership. Let's all celebrate this and eat some delicious cake!


This screenshot was taken at Monday 10 October 2011 on 5:22 PM GMT+1 by Papa_Miracoli:

Y-FS's official 45 player milestone

Thanks for the support everyone! I hope to be able to get more server slots later on.